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We are a full service landscape design build company based in Fishkill, NY. Our teams of landscapers have been in the business for over 10 years making our quality of work exemplary. This is what we take pride in the most, we understand the importance of details, and more importantly we are not satisfied unless the homeowner is. We specialize in a variety of design styles and types of construction making us one of the most diversified design build companies in the Hudson Valley.

Landscape designs and implementation

Design Principles

Landscape architecture is the ability to create synergy between a home's architecture and its environment. When the home complements its surroundings and the surroundings complement the home, an architectural balance is created. Specializing in residential landscape design for more than 20 years, Living Art Landscapes create landscapes with style. Each and every project for us is a unique opportunity to create outdoor aesthetics a homeowner will enjoy and appreciate for years. Our innovations are evident in a broad spectrum of both landscape and hardscape designs.

Bring your ideas to life!

Living Art Designs can help you do just that with a comprehensive master plan and 3d model. Before we ever break ground we use AutoCAD to plan and develop a working document to convey what your future paradise will look like. The possibilities are absolutely endless! We understand how difficult it can be to look at a large green lawn and decide where you would like the pool to be placed or even what color the patio should be. At Living Art Landscapes, we go beyond the line drawings and blueprints, bringing you into a fully interactive 3D design that can help you envision every detail. As professionals it is our job to read the plans and then interpret them for our customers in a stunning visual display, making the decision process a pleasure instead of a chore.